Valley of Fire is Nevada’s oldest and largest State Park, dedicated in 1935. Its name derives from the red sandstone formations and the stark beauty of the Mojave Desert. We love this place and visited it already twice. Esp. around sunset the colors become more intense.

The park is 6 miles from Lake Mead National Recreation Area and 55 miles northeast of Las Vegas via Interstate 15 (exit 75) or 75 miles via Lake Mead Northshore Road and is open all year. An entrance fee is charged per vehicle upon entering the park. This fee is collected at the fee booth or at self-pay stations.

Park hours are sunrise to sunset, and there is 24-hour access to the campgrounds.


Elephant Rock

A fine example of an arch in the shape of an elephant. The rock is right next to the road, but it is better to park in the nearby parking lot and take the 1/3 of a mile trail to reach the formation.

Elephant Rock


Seven Sisters

Fascinating red rock formations with a stark desert backdrop that makes a great background for photos.

Seven Sisters


Mouse´s Tank Road

Mouse's Tank Road


Rainbow Vista

A great photo point with a panoramic view of multi-colored sandstone.

Rainbow Vista


Fire Canyon/ Silica Dome

From this vantage point there is an excellent view of the deep red sandstone of Fire Canyon and the unique geological features of Silica Dome.

Fire Canyon

Fire Wave

Fire Wave can be found after about a half hour hike through the Mojave Desert. Like the vast majority of red sandstone formations in the park, the colorful Fire Wave started forming from shifting sand dunes about 150 million years ago.


White Domes

Sandstone formations with brilliant contrasting colors, picnic area and a one mile scenic trail.

White Domes


Atlatl Rock

Outstanding examples of ancient Indian rock art, or petroglyphs, including a depiction of the atlatl, a notched stick used to throw primitive spears. The atlatl was a predecessor to the bow and arrow.



Unusual sandstone formations weathered by the eroding forces of wind and water.



Petrified Logs

Logs and stumps, washed into the area from an ancient forest about 225 million years ago, are exposed in 2 locations.


North Shore Inn at Lake Mead

In Overton we stayed one night at North Shore Inn. It was a good choice: friendly and helpful owners, nice and clean rooms and convenient for our trip.

North Shore Inn


Sugar´s Home Plate

Cool place to eat, typical American cuisine. Sugar´s Home Plate is located on the main street in Overton, just a short drive from the Valley of Fire and Lake Mead. The atmosphere is fun and casual, with sports memorabilia adorning the walls and ceiling.

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