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Washington DC

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Best time to visit USA


Highlights in the USA - don‘t miss them!

Top things to see

  • New York City, which locals already assume you know is the centre of the universe.
  • California, which combines boundless beauty and thriving economy.
  • Las Vegas, city of a billion lights in the midst of an incredible desert.
  • New Orleans, where American clichés go to die.
  • San Francisco with its European flair.
  • Indian summer in New England.
  • Beautiful sunsets in Florida.
Brooklyn Bridge in New York

Top things to do

  • Walk Chicago, where you will discover everything quintessentially American, good or bad.
  • Discover USA’s best National Parks.
  • Joyfully join the smiling masses at the first Disneyland park in Anaheim.
  • Get out on the roads of the great American west, where the only limit is the horizon.
  • Camping in the famous Wild West.
  • Ride the waves at Southern California beaches, settings for a culture embodied in music, film and fashion.
Arches National Park (USA)

Best Beaches

  • Clearwater Beach is located in the Tampa Bay Area of Florida, where boating, water sports and beach relaxation are always on the menu. This popular vacation destination offers incredibly white sand, plenty of family-friendly lodging options and numerous seafood establishments.
  • Destin boasts impressively white sand and a laid-back beach culture along the Florida Panhandle. This part of the country is popular with tourists since it’s easy for those in the South to reach by car. In addition to beautiful beaches, Destin s home to a plethora of affordable rental condos.
  • Located on Hawaii’s Big Island, Kaunaoa Beach could be one of the prettiest white sand beaches in the state. The beach is wide and roomy and the waters are normally calm, making it perfect for swimming, snorkeling or curling up with a good book under a shade tree.
  • Located along the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, Marco Island is home to some of Florida’s most beautiful white sand beaches. Families visit this small peninsula off of Florida for the clean shoreline, the kid-friendly atmosphere and the stunning sunsets.
  • Orange Beach in Alabama is a family-friendly destination known for its affordable rental condos and hotels, laid-back atmosphere and to-die-for white sand beaches. Families stay near the water so they can plan lazy beach days and trips to Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo.
USA Destin Beach

Photo: © pixabay/raggio5

Enjoy Authentic American Food and Drinks

  • Eat the array of regional and world cuisines
  • Try at least once American Fast Food like Hamburgers or Hot Dogs but choose the authentic kind.
  • (T-Bone- or Rib-Eye-) Steak
  • Drink microbrewed beers or California reds
  • Drink coffee with names like short stories
USA: Hamburger

Photo: © pixabay/RitaE

Catch USA‘s Most Popular Festivals

  • Of all the festivals celebrated in America, there’s nothing more colourful and thrilling than a Mardi Gras festival, which is marked by a lot of parades and events, all over the city of New Orleans. Date: February, till Ash Wednesday.
  • The World’s largest music festival is Summerfest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It attracts yearly about one million people in June/July.

What is USA famous for?

  • red, white and blue everything
  • Oversized cars
  • Great National Parks
  • Jeans and Sneakers
  • Cowboys in Pickups
  • Hollywood
  • vast, open spaces
  • American Football
American Football

Photo: © pixabay/jorono

Interesting Facts

  • More than 80% of the almonds grown worldwide come from the USA, where the entire almond crop is harvested in California.
Almonds (USA)

Photo: © pixabay/Free-Photos

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