Out of the rhythm of our daily lives it’s easy to make bad choices while traveling. Here are 10 tips to stay healthy and avoid mistakes.

1. Use your own portable water filter bottle

The first thing we do when we travel is to buy a cooler for our road trip. We believe it is time to go one step further for our planet, so let ’s stop buying plastic bottles of water. We recommend using your own portable water filter bottle: the Berkey sport (affiliated link*) is an excellent product made to last 50 years. Wherever you go you will be safe to drink your filtered water.

2. Stick to water

It is really wiser to avoid alcohol and soft drinks while traveling.

3. No junk food

Stop buying junk food like chips and candies to eat during long road trips. We have switched to fruit some years ago and it’s so wonderful! Crossing California eating cherries, grapes or nectarines is a real pleasure.

4. Prepare your own healthy lunch

Prepare your own healthy lunch, so you don’t waste time and money during the day eating in a restaurant. We love for example to prepare our own little sandwiches with the best organic products. We buy fresh guacamole, packages of green leaves, baby carrots. We keep everything in our cooler. In other occasions we just eat fruit or vegetables.

5. Keep restaurants for special occasions

There is no need to eat out every day. If you plan to eat in a special place only once in a while you will really enjoy it, save a lot of money, and will be more healthy.
When we don’t eat out we just grab some healthy food at the store and we eat in the comfort of our hotel or airbnb room.

6. Only choose the best icecream places

If like us you love ice cream. Plan ahead and find the best ice cream place in the city. You will enjoy it so much more! We have great memories of all these places where we found the best ice creams. Like the one in San Francisco in the States, Bologna in Italy or even in our hometown Ingolstadt, Germany.

7. Ask locals for farmer markets

Ask locals where you can find their favorite farmer markets or organic local producers. We do that in Spain for example and enjoy the best oranges ever! The taste is so incredible compared to mass productions.

8. Buy your food souvenirs at the market

You will find wonderful pure honey, homemade jam, olive oil, almonds, pistachios and so much more at the market.

9. Plan to move daily

Even on days with long road trips we always plan a stop to hike or swim and stretch.

10. Create a dark bedroom for better sleep

Light pollution is everywhere in a hotel room so before sleeping we try to unplug or hide all the lights that affect our sleep. It takes 5 minutes but we are becoming experts in hiding all the lights that might disrupt our precious sleep. 

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