Sustainable Fashion Shopping

We love fashion but we love our lives and our planet too! That’s the reason why so many people and brands turn towards ethical sustainable fashion! We have already transited towards slow food or organic cruel free cosmetics because we have been thinking and acting more consciously. Therefore, it makes so much sense now  to become slow, positive and responsible fashion consumers!

The home textile and clothing industry is moving up because they finally understood the urgency of our actions in favor of the planet. In the same way, we have to ask ourselves more and more what the manufacturing processes and working conditions look like and if they are correlated with what we want and believe. Some years ago, we finally realized that we didn’t want any suffering little children working on our shoes. Fortunately, many retailer chains and brands have already responded to this call . Several fashion brands are make efforts to produce ethical clothes. Their first step was to partner with Fair Trade producers. It’s really a great move in the right direction, but we don´t want to stop here.

We, fashion lovers also have a role to play : let’s contribute to make our blue planet more beautiful as we are becoming green fashionistas!

1. Question your shopping habits!

The first thing we need to do is ask ourselves if we really need the fourth pair of vintage jeans or a fifth white t-shirt, just because it has this cute logo on the bust? If you cannot answer  these questions immediately with “Yes, because …”, then you do not need these items!

2. Buy second-hand items

By purchasing a second-hand item you save money and you contribute to a more ethic world. In the last few years, many cool boutiques have settled in our cities that sell cool styles! Many apps will also help you find the perfect item : there are Ebay, Mercari, ThredUp, Vinted and many more. Defend yourself against throw-away fashion and give a collector’s item a new home.

Sustainable Fashion Shopping

Photo: © markusspiske/pixabay

3. Choose sustainable materials

Learn to read the labels and choose good sustainable materials. Avoid nylons, polyester and materials treated with heavy toxic chemicals such as viscose. My tip would be to look for organic cotton or linen. They use less water in production.  Tencel is also a good choice as it is a sustainable textile and very pleasant to wear. Choose something  from MADE IN GREEN! Many fashion labels have been working with OEKO-TEX® for a long time. The traceable label MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX® proves that textile or leather products have been manufactured using sustainable processes under environmentally friendly and socially responsible working conditions.

4. Clear your wardrobe regularly

Before going shopping or shopping online, make sure that you have cleared out your wardrobe. Try the famous Marie Kondo method : put everything on your bed then take one item at a time in your hand and ask yourself if it brings you joy. If it doesn´t then give it away to charities as it might bring joy to someone else !

5. Carry your own tote bag

Just don´t go out of the house without your favorite tote bag. It means you are not accepting plastic bags anymore in your life !

Outside the TraveSustainable Fashion Shopping

Photo: © jdblack/pixabay

Well, you see: It is not so difficult to make your love for fashion more sustainable! The planet deserves our care!

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