Sri Lanka 🇱🇰

Capital City of Sri Lanka:

22 Millions (2018)

Official language:
Sinhalese, Tamil

LKR = Sri Lankan Rupee

Best time to visit Sri Lanka

December to March, to avoid the southwest monsoon.

Top things to see

  • Museums, monuments and colonial trim in the frenetic capital, Colombo
  • Ruined palaces and super-sized Buddhas in the old royal capital of Polonnaruwa
  • A window onto the Dutch colonial past in historic Galle
  • Elaborate gardens and exquisite frescoes in the ancient fortress at Sigiriya
  • A very different side of Sri Lanka in the Tamil City of Jaffna

Top things to do

  • Take a winding train ride through Sri Lanka’s tea country as it is rated among the best even though the competition is tough worldwide.
  • Kick back on the sparkling sands of Sri Lanka’s southern beaches
  • Watch the rising sun cast its rays over the island from Adam’s Peak
  • Search for leopards and elephants in the foliage of Yala National Park
  • Surf the wild breaks at Arugam Bay
  • Make the pilgrimage to the Temple of the Tooth in World Heritage-listed Kandy


Traditional Sri Lankan Food

  • Eat ‘hoppers’ (or more properly appa), delicious pancakes made from fermented rice and coconut milk
  • Drink toddy (a local wine made from fermented palm sap) – or arrack, the same thing, distilled and bottled

What is Sri Lanka famous for?

  • Bendy palm trees
  • sun-kissed beaches
  • Ceylon tea
  • colonial hand-me-downs
  • jumbos in the jungle
  • fresh coconuts
  • short eats
  • batik
  • cricket-obsessed locals
  • Tamil Tigers

In a word


(May you live long)

Official website of Tourism in Sri Lanka

photo credit: amanjahemal (pixaby)

Photo credits: amanjahemal (pixabay)

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