A love trip for Valentine’s Day

Chocolates are fine, dinners are nice and flowers are always a good choice…. but a romantic getaway is definitely the perfect gift for your sweetheart. Here are 7 destinations around the world for Valentine’s Day.

Paris, France

Paris and romance, they go together like champagne and oysters, café and croissants, jambon and beurre, which is why loved up couples make a pilgrimage to the French capital every year on Valentine’s Day. So why not kiss à la française on the Eiffel Tower, do a romantic walk through the Tuileries garden or declare your love in front of the Sacré-Coeur?

Venice, Italy

Some call it the “City of Lovers” and others the “City of Canals”. But even the hardest heart will have to admit at the end of a trip that Venice is one of the most romantic cities in Europe. Whether a gondola ride through Venice’s canals, a kiss under the Bridge of Sighs or – if it is going to Venice during the Carnival season – an extravagant evening on a masked ball – who can say no?

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Or… forget Paris and Rome and go a little off-piste with a lovers’ tryst in lovely Ljubljana. Slovenia’s pretty little capital is cute as it comes, offering many opportunities for smoochy moments, such as a ride up the glass cable car to Ljubljana Castle, with its panoramic views of the city; a wander along the blue-green Ljubljanica River and dinner in one of the unpretentious restaurants that line its banks.

London, England

On Valentine’s Day, London turns into a mecca for lovers. Restaurants, hotels and theaters have tempting offers. The London Eye, the famous Ferris wheel and symbol of the city, is also suitable for a romantic half hour with sparkling wine and chocolates.

Inverness, Scotland

Romance doesn’t always have to be about roses, chocolates and tea lights. What could be more romantic than sleeping under a clear starry sky in a remote valley in the middle of the Scottish Highlands? The weather in February can put a spanner in the works, but in the small villages and towns, in addition to romantic country house hotels, the right warming-ups are also available: real Scottish whiskey. But don’t mix it with cola!

Gstaad/ St. Moritz/ Zermatt, Switzerland

How about a freezing cold place to get into a romantic mood? The igloo villages in Gstaad, St. Moritz and Zermatt consist of 3000 tons of snow that are shoveled together every year. Steam saunas, private whirlpools, mulled wine and thermal mats ensure that the entire stay continues to crackle between the couples.

Berlin, Germany

If your Valentine is too cool for all of the above, whisk them off to Berlin. Located in funky Friedrichshain in alt-chic East Berlin, the Michelberger Hof is Europe’s hipster heaven, boasting designer rooms, trendy staff, live bands and beer and an all-you-can-eat breakfast, which all-in-all offers tremendous value. For real hip romance, go for a drink and a dance in the midsummer night’s dreamworld of dusk-’til-day bar-club (yes, really).

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