If you like a free nice boat tour this is for you ! We took the ferry from Manhattan to Staten Island and back and we really enjoyed it ! The orange ferry going to Staten Island offers great views of the Statue of Liberty and of the skyline of Manhattan.

To take the ferry just go into the White Hall Terminal at Battery Park and take the escalator up. It runs everyday every 30 minutes. If you see a big crowd don’t be scared : the ferry is so big that all these people will fit ! We recommend however not to take the ferry during rush hours from 5 to 7 pm as many commuters go back home to Staten Island.The trip lasts about 25 minutes. Once you arrive on Staten Island you can’ t stay on the ferry for the ride back. You have to leave it and embark on the other one. If you run a little, you can actually get the ferry back ! That’s what we did and we didn’t lose anytime !

Little tip : for the best views go directly to the windows on the right side of the ferry for the way to Staten Island and to the rope at the center end of the boat for the way to Manhattan! Take as many pictures as you want : they will all be beautiful ! Enjoy the ride !

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The Staten Island Ferry: https://www.siferry.com

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