Madagascar 🇲🇬

Capital City of Madagascar: Antananarivo

27 Million (2019)

Official languages:
Malagasy, French, English

MGA = Malagasy Ariary

Madagascar’s rampant forests and the isolation of the island have shaped and preserved a natural “laboratory of evolution” that is otherwise unavailable on Earth. It is bad that this incredible biodiversity is threatened by aggressive deforestation. The forests of Madagascar are still a shiny, steaming mass of billions of dripping wet leaves with bouncing or crawling strange creatures from nature’s magic box: lemurs and sifakas, chameleons and geckos, aloe and evergreen, baobab and octopus tree.

Best time to visit

April to October (the dry season).

Highlights of Madagascar

  • Tsingy, surreal limestone pinnacles.
  • Remote Madagascar from a pirogue floating down the Tsiribihina River.
  • Hang out at Fort Dauphin (Taolagnaro) with its windswept coast against a picturesque mountain backdrop.
  • Sail out to Île Sainte-Marie, a former pirate’s nest.
  • Observe lemurs in the Parc National de Montagne d’Ambre.
  • Explore the rampant rainforests of Ranomafana National Park.
  • Take a hiking tour on the beautiful Masoala peninsula.
  • Avenue of mighty baobab trees in Toliara near Morondava.
  • Malagasy life in fast forward, the colorful streets of Antananarivo are full of it.

Nosy Iranja – photo credits: pixabay/aga2rk

Traditional Food and Drinks

  • Vary hen’omby (rice served with stewed or boiled zebu)
  • Local cheese made from zebu milk
  • Betsa-betsa (fermented sugar cane juice)
  • Punch aux cocos, a cocktail with rum and coconut milk.


What is Madagascar famous for?

  • Lemuren
  • Sifakas aren’t found anywhere else in the world.
  • Over half of the world’s chameleon species live in Madagascar
  • Tsingy
  • Pirates (the East Coast was their base in the 17th Century).
  • Carts drawn by zebus
  • Fourth largest island in the world
  • Trekking

In a word

“Manao ahoana ianao” 

(How do you do?)

Office National du Tourisme de Madagascar


Lemures – photo credits: pixabay/ddouk


Baobab Trees – photo credits: pixabay/FSM-Team


Chameleon – photo credits: pixabay/Pixel-mixer

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