God loves a cheerful giver !

2 Corinthians 9 : 7

I would like to tell you the story of a little boy that happened years ago. He had memorized this Bible verse in church and wanted to put it into practice in his everyday life!

After saving up for a few weeks, the greedy little boy went into an ice-cream parlour store dreaming of a big ice-cream sundae with three different flavors and lots of whipped cream! He sat down at a table and when the waitress approached, he asked her how much was an ice-cream cup with three scoops : “50 cents” replied the waitress. The little boy had coins in his hand and started counting again. “And how much is a single scoop of ice cream please” he asked. The waitress was getting impatient, people were coming into the small store waiting for a table to open up.
“35 cents,” she replied in an annoyed voice. “Then I’ll have a simple scoop of strawberry ice cream,” said the boy with a smile. He slowly ate his ice cream, went to pay at the cash register and then left. When the waitress came to clean the table she started crying when she saw that the little boy had left her a quarter. He hadn’t bought the big ice cream just because he wanted to leave her a tip! The little boy wanted to give with joy and he was willing to sacrifice his super ice cream sundae just to experience the joy of giving.

This week I encourage you to memorize this simple Bible verse and put it into practice.

Would you also want to give with joy? There are many ways to give: You can give your time to help someone or to pray for that person. You can also offer something or money, but whatever you give, do it cheerfully and with all your heart!

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