France 🇫🇷

Capital City of France:

67 M.

Official language:

EUR = Euro

Best time to visit France

May and June for enjoying visits with fewer crowds, June to September for beaches, January and February for winter sports.

Top things to see

  • Discover and get lost in romantic Paris.
  • See the Louvre and all the other museums.
  • Don´t miss the beautiful Chateau de Versailles residence of kings and queens.
  • Explore the different wine regions of France
  • Visit beautiful Bordeaux and the Southwestern coast.
  • Europe´s highest sand dune (Dune du Pilat) overlooking the Ocean.
  • Dive into the precious and lively Provence/ Côte d´Azur. 
  • Go to Alsace and and marvel at its unique architectecture.
  • Normandy and the war memorials will move you.
  • Authentic Bretagne is absolutely a must see.

Top things to do

  • Whatever the region discover French gastronomy as it is part of Unesco World Heritage.
  • Taste champagne in ancient cellars in Reims and Épernay and wine from the famous Chateaux around Bordeaux.
  • Walk barefoot across kilometres of wave-rippled sand to Mont St-Michel.
  • Pedal through vineyards, cherry or apricot orchards and lavender fields in rural Provence.
  • Drive the mythical corniches (coast roads) on the French Riviera.
  • Slide down the pistes of the Pyrenees or the Alps or enjoy a drink on sunny terraces overlooking the gorgeous mountains then don’t forget to enjoy an après-ski entertainment.
  • Enjoy all the summer activities at the beaches. 
  • Cycle among the awesome Loire Castles
  • Read a book for hours at the terrasse of an elegant café
  • Shop for perfume and stylish clothes. 
  • Eat a pastry or a macaron from an authentic patisserie. 

Eat & Drink

  • Try all the specialities from each region.
  • Experience the traditional baguette, cheese and red wine combination.
  • Eat crêpes in a traditional crêperie in Bretagne and don´t forget a Kouign amann from a boulangerie artisanale.
  • Savour duck fillets, foie gras and cannelés in Bordeaux and cassoulet around Toulouse.
  • Enjoy a choucroute garnie in Alsace.
  • Fill up your stomach with a raclette, tartiflette or fondue from Alps/Savoie
  • Dare to try the escargots in Burgandy or the boeuf Bourguignon
  • Enjoy fresh seafood and grilled fish near all the coasts of France.


  • Baguettes (from artisanal bakeries)
  • Cheese ( with more than 365 types of cheese)
  • Exclusive pastries (éclairs, tartelettes, millefeuilles…)
  • Red wine, white wine, champagne, cognac, armagnac, 
  • Fashion designers for clothes, bags, perfumes.
  • Cabarets
  • Tour de France (cycling competition)

Useful words and expressions


English French
Hello Bonjour
Goodbye Au revoir
Thank you Merci
Please S’il vous plait
How much is it? Combien ça coûte?

Festivals in France

  • The cinema festival in Cannes in May
  • La fête du vin in Bordeaux (next one in June 2020) or Bordeaux fête le fleuve in June 2021
  •  The theater festival in Avignon in July
  • The 14th of July fireworks (in some towns on the 13th around 11pm)
  • Le Puy du Fou in Vendée, a huge historical live show from April to October
  • The Christmas market in Strasbourg in December


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