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Let us discover the world together and join us on our journey through different countries.

In this section you will find a list of different countries that we have traveled to. In the form of a OnePager we give you a brief insight for each country: we tell you what to see, to do, to eat and drink and can answer all your questions.

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Travel Tips

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We would like to give you valueable travel tips. They should not only help you to save money, but also make your trip more valuable overall. For example, we think it is more and more important to see your travels under the perspective of sustainability.

Travel smart and responsible!

DB Bahn Germany: ICE (High Speed Train)

Meet Locals

The great excitement of our travels is meeting people. That’s what makes our trips memorable and unique. Meeting people from different cultures and ways of eating, behaving and thinking makes us richer and more open minded. We are so happy to present you here some people who have become our friends. We have already learnt so much with them and hopefully them from us.

Meet our lovely friends from all over the world!