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We are Sophie and Jens, a travel blogging couple sharing our adventures from all over the world. Hopefully you’ll stick around for our travel advice, tips, and stories. We are based in France and Germany.

Bonjour, my name is Sophie and i am from Bordeaux, France.

Traveling has always been part of our family vacation as I was growing up and I loved being exposed to all these different languages and cultures. I studied in the United States then at the University of Bordeaux. I became an English teacher. I am now a life coach and want to inspire people to live a full healthy life.  I’m always amazed and thankful about the beauties that we discover as we are traveling and meeting new people is a real joy !

Servus, I’m Jens. I love traveling since my childhood – camping holidays with the tent and later caravan. However, I now prefer the comfort of excellent hotels or beautiful airbnb’s. I am much into nature, beaches and great walks/ hikes.

I grew up in the northern part of Germany and studied economics at the Leibniz university of Hanover (Lower-Saxony), and now i do financial works in the headquarter of a German car company in Ingolstadt (Bavaria).

I am an expert of my country, mostly the western part of Germany, above all the mentioned states.

I also like to take pictures. My equipment includes the Nikon D90, Sony RX100IV and my favorite “camera”: the iPhone XS max.

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Nov 03, 2019

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  1. Mary

    You are right, travel is wonderful and more if you can appreciate those marvelous cities.
    Knowing the world is the mos healthy thing that everyone have to do.
    All of you are very lucky, I loved those photographic and I want to congratulate you both.


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