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We are passionate travelers from France and Germany.

Apart from being experts on our own countries, we keep searching beautiful places, friendly people and different cultures all around the world.

Jens & Sophie
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Why we love to travel

We love to travel - Christian Communities
We love to travel - wonderful world

3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi! Sophie & Jens

    Thanks so much for the reply back!😊 I can’t say enough on how Wonderful to see all the exciting, beautiful places you both traveled & visited. I’ve mention your ” Blog !” to another friend who lives in Russia, because he can’t make up his mind on where to visit. So… What better place to check out all the Fantastic Places and sites here on your ” Blog”. I’ll make sure to let others know who are interested in traveling to Europe to check out ” OneWorld2traverlers !” Enjoy! Your time together and Happy Travels ✨✈️✨

    Aloha 🌺

  2. Hey! Jens & Sophie,

    I had to stop by and check out your blog! I love the Wonderful photos and places you both visited ” Amazing “. Maybe someday visit ” Hawaii ” and add the 50th state to your Blog!. I’ll tell my Customers to visit your ” Travel Blog !” Happy Travels ✨✈️✨

    Thank you!
    Tamara 😄

    • Dear Tamara,
      Thank you so much for your nice comment! So encouraging!
      Of course, visiting Hawaii would be such a great privilege and we are sure we would have to take thousands of pictures 😊
      Hoping to meet you someday soon,
      Thanks again,
      Jens and Sophie

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